At The STAR Vet Clinic

We offer expert general vet care, as well as specialising in Rehabilitation

If you’re looking for a vet to look after your companion, you’ve probably found a number of practices that will really care about your pet’s wellbeing. However at the STAR Vet Clinic, we don’t just ‘really care’, we’re completely committed to ensuring your pet is healthy and happy at all times; after all, we started as a support, therapy and rehabilitation clinic (S.T.A.R).

The STAR Vet Clinic is a family-run independent practice dedicated to caring for animals and their owners. We understand what our clients want and will always endeavour to ensure that we meet these expectations, putting the patient first every step of the way.

Emma PooreClinical Director and Veterinary Surgeon

home-imgWith our focus solely trained on making poorly animals better, and preventing healthy ones from falling ill in the first place, you can rest assured your pet is in the very best hands at our practice. Not only will you see the same vet on every visit, we also boast specialist equipment you won’t find anywhere else in the area, as well as 15-minute consultations (that’s largely so we have extra time for cuddles!).

Whether it’s an operation, physiotherapy for an injury or simply a check-up your companion requires, look no further than the STAR Vet Clinic. We’re able to examine, diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions for all small animals, including those with feathers and scales.

If you would like more information about our practice, or to book an appointment for your pet, please contact our friendly team by calling 01530 270170 or by sending an email to